Leadership – Yes YOU Can

Dr. Danielle Harlan explains the New Alpha leadership style – Far More Effective & a better fit for You personally.

Gone are the days when businesspeople frantically hop to simply because the boss says so.  As business evolves so must leaders.  Host Bart Jackson talks with Dr. Danielle Harlan, author of The New Alpha, about the far more effective trend of changemakers and influencers who are learning to lead themselves first and radiate that competence out among their team.  And the very good news?  The New Alpha strategy may be easily adapted because it stands grounded in your own unique strengths.  Tune in and learn how to make yourself more powerful, gain a stronger influence with coworkers.  Isn’t it about time people began listening and reacting to your words?

Leadership – Yes YOU Can

Guest: Dr. Danielle Harlan


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