Our Art of the CEO Guest Alumni — those masters of the business community who have shared their knowledge and the tales of their accomplishments on our show. These are the People You Need to Know!

Photo of Joseph Petrovics

Joseph Petrovics

Joseph Petrovics as a child began sculpting the clay on the river banks of his Hungarian village, while his father, the local cobbler, taught him how to create and deftly use his own tools. Progressing through Hungary’s finest schools under its…

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July 2, 2017 — Business Meets Art – Life of a Top Sculptor

Photo of Violetta Neri

Violetta Neri

Sergio and Violetta Neri have transformed the tough and stony soils of Pennington, New Jersey into the award-winning Hopewell Valley Vineyards.  Then, over the past 13 years the astounding Neris have metamorphosed their winery from a mere bottle shop into one…

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Photo of Kenneth Kamen

Ken Kamen

Ken Kamen is the perceptive financial pro to whom the major money media turn when they need some particularly snarly fiscal event to be explained in understandable English, with some uncommon common sense.  (And somehow, the folks at CNBC, ABC, Bloomberg…

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April 22, 2016 — The Internet: The Most Dangerous Source of Financial Advice

Photo of Greg Williams

Greg Williams

Greg Williams arms you with the tools that let you take seat at the negotiation table with calm confidence, and walk away from it an absolute winner.  He also performs this same magic mentoring for the Fortune 500 C-suiters.  Justifiably titled…

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February 26, 2019 — Negotiating Hardcore: Bullies, Bluffs & Paper Tigers

Photo of Sherri Waryasz

Sherri Waryasz

Sherri Waryasz has been rightfully dubbed The Queen of Laughter.  Leading the charge under the banner of Laugh, Lighten Up & Let it Go, Sherri guides individuals and companies toward a more sensible and productive workplace attitude.  For groups ranging from the New…

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March 22, 2016 — Laughing Your Way to Success – and Fun