Dr. George Watts

Dr. George Watts wrote his psychology doctoral dissertation on how children may be trained to believe in themselves.  Now he’s grown up.  His principles, like fine wine, have matured and so have his clients.  As Chair of Top Line Talent, George guides sales people and C-suiters at the highest levels to even higher levels of performance.

In his own words, he helps folks find/unleash that deep confidence that helps them add strategic value to their work and companies.

What makes George so refreshing is his total lack of business cheerleading.  No fiery verbiage that inspires brief enthusiasms.  Dr. Watts lays out a plan.   His Top Line Talent method involves a four-month, online course delivered to you.  You commit.  You carve out your own path with his team’s mentoring.

George Watts for eight years hosted The Business Doctor radio show in Chicago.   He has authored Becoming Your Own Business Coach and Becoming a Strategic Leader, volumes that combine his behavioral research with his experience as entrepreneur and CEO.

To Learn More About George Watts, visit www.toplinetalent.com

Dr. George Watts

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