Christian Madsbjerg

Christian Madsbjerg is creating a one-person revolution in the way global business determines markets – and all the Fortune 100 companies from Ford Motors to Facebook are seeking his solutions.  Christian and his company ReD Associates are tossing out all the old, flawed big-data and impersonal-survey methods that have for years been so popular and so inaccurate.  He is replacing them with in-depth studies in which he listens to and journeys beside real folks. Along the way he and his team employ those deductive qualities more familiar to the anthropologist or humanities scholar.   And from these travels, he develops an insightful picture of individuals that allow companies to meet the actual needs and desires of their clients.

Does it work?  Coca Cola, Leggo, Chanel, Amazon, and dozens of ReD Associates’ clients seem to think so.  In fact, if you want to invite Christian’s team to help winch your product back into universal market favor, get in line.  There is a log waiting list for ReD Associates services.

A native of Denmark, Christian entered the University of Copenhagen as a philosophy major.  By the time he had plunged into his Ph.D. thesis (an intricate study on the cultural perception of the color white) he caught business bug and founded his wildly popular company.  Mr. Madsbjerg gives a ray of hope to all those comparative literature and philosophy students seeking to contribute their highly honed skills in a tangible way.

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Christian Madsbjerg

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