Whether launched with the stroke of a quill pen, tap of typewriter keys, or the frantic thumbing of a cell phone screen, each venture finds its success in accord with certain timeless truths. These sage concepts have pointed careers and companies toward fulfillment since trade first began.

When one of our radio guests holds to light such a timeless piece of business wisdom, we invite you to pause as you listen, dip your pens in your inkwells, and take note for your own benefit.

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Dr. Jim Lynch

“Companies today are much more interested in your character, your attitudes and your ethics.  They want to know that you can be resourceful in the ambiguous world of today’s workplace.”

Noted on Graduating from Job to Career
Aired on June 7, 2017

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Jacque Howard

“Your Community is potentially the most beneficial supporter your business can have.  The surest pathway to profit lies in engaging and contributing to the community around you.”

Noted on “The Deal Jungle – Life on the Trading Floor”
Aired June 21, 2016

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Kevin Manture

“You meet with the other traders outside, you talk with them over dinner, get to know them as people. Then when you need to get accurate and complete profile on a stock or company, your getting that information from people you trust. All business is personal.”

Noted on “The Deal Jungle – Life on the Trading Floor”
Aired May 10, 2016

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Lisa Pegher

“I’ve been able to may my way in the symphonic world because I knew what I wanted to achieve and I just kept aiming at those goals. You cannot spend your time looking at obstacles – it’s too distracting and the odds agaist you are too immense.”

Noted on “Percussion’s Brightest Pioneer – The Amazing Lisa Pegher”
Aired February 9, 2016