Our Art of the CEO Guest Alumni — those masters of the business community who have shared their knowledge and the tales of their accomplishments on our show. These are the People You Need to Know!

Howard Howe

Howard Howe is the gentleman you need to seek out when you require an inside understanding of the Federal Reserve. For the last 26 years, Howard has served as Assistant VP of the New York Fed, most recently laboring to…

Last heard on:
December 5, 2017 — Unraveling the Federal Reserve

John Holub

John Holub is a merchant prince in the most generous sense of the word.  John holds an uncanny understanding of what retailers of all sizes need, and how they may best operate to serve their community and profit from it.…

Last heard on:
November 28, 2017 — Retail: The Toughest Customers in the World

Al Sagarese

Al Sagarese is the consultant you keep wishing will come to examine your business. During his four-decade career Al has guided firms into a 650 percent sales increase, led clients into scores of international markets, and quadrupled customer return rates.…

Last heard on:
November 14, 2017 — Lessons Learned: One Consultant’s Journey

Al Berkeley

Al Berkeley has set his considerable mind and expertise to the very heart and the farthest corners of the financial realm.  As the third President/CEO of NASDAQ, (1996 – 2000) and Vice Chair until 2003, Al guided this young exchange’s…

Last heard on:
October 9, 2017 — From NASDAQ to New Tech – The CEO Reveals

Marilou Halvorsen

Marilou Halvorsen knows how people want to be treated.  And she has devoted her career out of showing the hospitality industries how to treat folks better and more profitably.  As President of the New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association, Marilou…

Last heard on:
September 26, 2017 — Haute Cuisine & Service

Joe Kaplan

Joe Kaplan is the man who can sell it, promote it, and market it.  Doesn’t matter if “it” is supermarket delicacies from Post Food or Nabisco; digital credentials from Accreditrust Technologies; money transfers for Western Union, financial instruments for CIT,…

Last heard on:
August 29, 2017 — Selling – Who Wins – Who Loses – & Why

Chris Macort

Chris Macort is living every young boy’s dream.  He spends his days bringing up the treasure of one of the world’s richest pirates.  When swashbuckling Sam Bellamy’s ship The Whydah sank under the stormy waves off the coast of Cape…

Last heard on:
August 14, 2017 — Pirates, Treasure Hunters, and Archeologists

Anne-Marie Faiola

Anne-Marie Faiola labored her way into her wildly successful crafting corporation by employing a whole set of disciplines that have currently gone out of fashion.  In 1998, Anne-Marie made soap all week until the wee hours.  Weekends, she loaded up…

Last heard on:
August 7, 2017 — Crafting a Better Business Life

Joe Paris

Joe Paris realizes what too many corporate leaders have forgotten: that opportunity may grasped only by those prepared to seize it.  As Chair of the Xonitek group of consulting companies, Joe guides firms the world over onto the path of…

Last heard on:
July 17, 2017 — Armed & Ready – Getting Prepped for Opportunity

Joan McGeough

Joan McGeough is the professional you want to bring your product to market most creatively, in the best possible light. She has, through her wide ranging career, guided the marketing and exponential growth of zoos, honey-baked hams, aquariums, Brooks Brothers…

Last heard on:
July 10, 2017 — Marketing Within the Financial Maze

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