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Remember that question from last week’s show? Well, the answer is below. Thank you listeners AND congratulations to our winners!

From the episode Unraveling The Federal Reserve

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If at first you don’t succeed – take the tax loss.   

Author: The individual who said this was spoken by none other than the founder of digital broadcasting giant MDA America – Kirk Kirkpatrick.

Business Quotes Challenge – Who uttered that? Match these business Quotes to their authors given as Utensils on recent shows:

  1. If I Had it to do all over again, I’d make the same mistakes – only sooner.
  2. Incrementalism is innovation’s own worst enemy.
  3. Fortunes are made by buying low and selling too soon.
  1. Nicholas Negroponte
  2. Talulah Bankhead
  3. Nathan Rothschild

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