The Art of the CEO joins Princeton TV

As of May 14, The Art of the CEO radio show signed on as Platinum Sponsor for Princeton Community Television network.  Since 1997 Princeton TV has been providing an astounding array of informative, fun and high quality programs to over 60,000 homes throughout the New Jersey area.  As The Art of the CEO host Bart Jackson at the station’s annual meeting on April 27 annual meeting, “Not only is Princeton TV’s programming interesting, but it is a vital organ of this nation’s commitment to free speech and that is why we are sponsoring it.”

Four The Art of the CEO video messages have already been shot and will begin airing six times daily on Princeton TV beginning in June.  Princeton Executive Director George McCullough states,  “We absolutely love these messages.  We laughed all through the filming.  Bart and everybody on the staff brought their best talents to bear.  They are funny and fun to watch.  I think people are going to tune in just to watch these commercials.”  To catch the commercials and the intriguing list of show offerings, visit

The Art of the CEO joins Princeton TV

Guest: William Ammerman


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