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Martin Shenkman is MR. Estate Planning and you need to listen what this gentleman has to say.  As both an attorney, certified public accounting, as well as a true Master of Business, Marty offers clients a broad platform of expertise.  Layer onto that three decades of professional experience and the authoring of 42 books on the subject, and you have a man who has an array of fingertip solutions to problems most of us don’t even know enough to worry about.

You may have planned for your business to continue after your  passing, but have you developed a program to handle a short-term shut down – a longer term disability that sets you out of the work scene for half a year?  And are your shareholders or investors’ attorney all in agreement with your estate planning decisions?  What about family members – transmission of cherished values – business partners – asset protection….the list of concerns goes on.  The good news is that the best estate planners hold the answers and Martin Shenkman is indeed one of those best.  Besides, Marty holds a solid sense of human compassion and an immense wit – a good man to deal with.

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Martin Shenkman

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