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Greg Williams arms you with the tools that let you take seat at the negotiation table with calm confidence, and walk away from it an absolute winner.  He also performs this same magic mentoring for the Fortune 500 C-suiters.  Justifiably titled The Master Negotiator, Greg is a renowned speaker in hot demand and author of 19 books on the art of negotiation and reading body language.

Growing up bone-edge poor in Philadelphia, Williams watched his mother and grandmother bargain every purchase down to the last nickel. He graduated from Penn State University in 1974 with a dual major in data processing and business and also took psychology and linguistics courses to sharpen his deal making. Using these skills in his early information tech positions, he worked his way to the C-suite, and then became the chair of the New Jersey Business Development Authority. “I was always negotiating contracts for small businesses in that post,” Williams says.

While holding positions at such staid institutions as Fleet Bank, Williams also kept his mind active and his pocketbook filled as a professional blackjack player. “I started out as a card-counter,” Williams says. “Then I learned to win without counting by just reading the table.”

Dismissing all the myths of negotiation as grim gladiatorial combat, Greg Williams guide you in cultivating your existing personality to gain what you want from formal and informal situations.  Williams places students in the proper mindset, lays out a strategy of preparation, then supplies the body language scrutiny techniques and verbal ploys that lead to agreement in the negotiative dance.

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Greg Williams

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