The Well Told Tale – Spellbinding Your Listeners – Eileen Sinett

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“If you really, really have something to say – tell it as a story,”  says Ms. Eileen Sinett, CEO of Speaking That Connects and a cleverly crafting story spinner in her own right. Since the ancient Greek poet Homer smote his tuneful lyre, humankind has been entranced by stories.  The suspense, the plot, the craving for what happens next sets audiences on the edge of their seats, and gives speakers the opportunity to drive home their message. Thus has the fine art of story telling become a profitable and envied business ability.  Instead of merely claiming that the car is fast and durable, the salesperson who can weave a narrative example of how it has moved and survived in a slightly scary situation is more likely to win the sale. Host Bart Jackson and his featured guest Eileen discuss the techniques for transforming your lackluster report or presentation into a powerful business tool that makes you the folks want to hear more.  Tune in and profit from all of the story.

The Well Told Tale – Spellbinding Your Listeners – Eileen Sinett

Guest: Eileen Sinett

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