The Care & Nurturing of Clients – Aldonna Ambler Counsels

Photo of Aldona Ambler

“The real key is to treat Clients as Constituents,” explains NJ Business Hall of Famer Ms. Aldonna Ambler. To celebrate his first anniversary show, Host Bart Jackson invites Aldonna on board to share her practical philosophy of client service which has catapaulted The Growth Strategist, Inc. into a globally revered and sought-after consultant firm. Together they will discuss what to do, and more importantly, how to view those customers whose needs you are in business to fill. Want your business to be more agile and adaptive to customer’s needs? Want clients who will brag about your good service?  Tune in and learn how to apply the model that brings praise and revenue to your business.

The Care & Nurturing of Clients – Aldonna Ambler Counsels

Guest: Aldonna Ambler


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