Taking The Hard Break – Save Life & Career

America’s business people are killing themselves and destroying their businesses with misplaced workaholism.  The national obsession with long work hours, and the myth that 24/7 work focus is the sure key to success are keeping us from the very goals we are shooting for.  Host Bart Jackson is joined by financial wizard Aaron Edelheit who personally has driven himself through the grinding mill of work fanaticism, and has come out the other side with a vital and sensible solution:  The Hard Break.  Every week, Aaron insists, we need to take a Sabbath – a full day of complete, unplugged, re-creative 24 hours away from our career and business.  Yes, you need this, and Aaron scientifically proves why our bodies, minds and spirits thrive under the hard break. Tune in hand learn how to increase your productivity, while grabbing a lot more fun out of life.

Taking The Hard Break – Save Life & Career

Guest: Aaron Edelheit

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