A Gathering of Eagles– from MBA to Peer Grouping

There is nothing cookie-cutter about being an executive – no template, no recipe gives you the prowess you need to inspire people, design profitable tasks, and keep your firm growing. Your most effective way to learn the ropes comes from talking with your peers – veterans who have faced and are currently solving challenges akin to yours. Host Bart Jackson brings on the man who is the master at engineering beneficial peer groups, James Millar, CEO of Skybridge Associates and author of Building Bridges – The Case for Executive Peer Networks.Together they discuss how to design an effective peer group, how to find one that suits you, and the many benefits you can garner from a peer group that networking can never match. And as a bonus bit of learning, tune in and learn from James, former head of admissions for Harvard’s MBA program, the real value of an MBA today.

A Gathering of Eagles– from MBA to Peer Grouping

Guest: Jamie Millar

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