Elf Talk – Santa’s Motivational Secrets Revealed

Photo of Jeanne Murphy

A magical interview with Santa’s COO elf about Kris Kringle’s leadership strategies & what they might give You this Christmas.

How does Santa run the world’s largest joy and toy factory in the frigid Northern Pole and still keep all his elves motivated?  Host Bart Jackson, sparing no expense whatsoever, has flown in Santa’s COO elf, Jeanne Murphy, to show Santa’s methods for keeping the elf crew happy and the reindeer ever galloping forward.  (Is Rudolph more motivated than Prancer?) Additionally, Ms. Jeanne Murphy, founder of the Santa Choice Awards will show the very best toys this holiday, and discuss what children truly want, as opposed to what they are told they want.  Tune in and catch the real spirit of the holidays.  Ho Ho Ho.

Elf Talk – Santa’s Motivational Secrets Revealed

Guest: Jeanne Murphy


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