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Photo of Thomas Bakewell

‘Tis the Corporate Giving Season

Corporations and those who lead them have become the strong and vital patrons of our culture. They sponsor and advocate for our arts, education, hospitals, and our environment. Our community charities depend on our businesses, and our businesses depend on…

Photo of Alexandra Lajoux

Building Socially Responsible Companies

Host Bart Jackson brings on guest Ms. Alexandra Lajoux, Chief Knowlege Officer of the National Association of Corporate Directors. Together they discuss the need for and benefits of building companies dedicated to improving the society in which they work. They’ll…

Photo of John Sarno

GroupThink – The Maze of Ways to Consensus

Somewhere between herding sheep and herding sharks lies the manager’s most effective method of gathering his team into a motivated decision-making process. Host Bart Jackson is joined by guest John Sarno, author, professor, and CEO of the Employers Association of…

Photo of Marty Metro

Rising Profitably from the Ashes

Can you really resurrect a company that has cratered and plunged you into debt? Well, like the mythical Phoenix of Eld, Host Bart Jackson’s latest guest, Mr. Marty Metro has achieved this near-unique entrepreneurial feat with his firm Used Cardboard…

Photo of James daSilva

Keeping the Leader’s Vision Alive & Current

Every Leader needs to set his own navigational vision on the team. But visions etched forever in stone, like pyramids, house only the dead. Host Bart Jackson brings on guest James daSilva, Editor of SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Leadership, to give…

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