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The Vet Benefit: Compliance, Skills, & Money on the Table

Need an employee who’s been trained to be trainable, holds high-level skills, and the character to tackle any problem? Host Bart Jackson celebrates Veterans Day by bringing aboard Jack Fanous, CEO of the G.I. Go Fund designed to give military…

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Tackling Tough Talks – Stresslessly – Matt Abrahams and Bart Jackson

Communications guru Matt Abrahams helps you talk effectively through tough business situations. Telling the boss she’s incorrect – Selling the skeptical client – Presenting that all-important project to the board of directors.  Whether formal or “casual,” business is richly laden…

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Best Business Comebacks – Words You Wish You’d Said

Get ready for fun. Business folks from all over challenge Host Bart Jackson with some of business’ stickiest situations and frustrating inter-personal dilemmas. Tackling them head on with his witty wordsmithery, Bart will craft the response that is most likely…

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Making 2016 Your Most Fun & Fulfilling Career Year

Host Bart Jackson’s Top 2016 Resolutions for Making Business Fun & Profitable The more you love it, the higher your career will fly. We all know that success follows on the coattails of passion. So, as we open onto the…

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